Dragonfly,dragonfly Your agile and scurrying flight Always amuse me. Awestruck,I came near you To check if you had All 30,000 lenses to see me.

Source: Dragonfly


Gone To A Peaceful Land

After mom has gone,
With the angels who came for her,
You were sad, we knew,
You refused to admit, though

You tried to cope in different ways,
But life has become hard for you,
We took it as your stubborn ways,
And to your own ways we left you.

You were tired we knew,
We could see it on your face.
God sent His angels for he knew
You need no sorrow, but peace.

Blissfully Lost…..

This morning I went to the beach, it wasn’t a detour, was well prepared. Had a book and ice coffee.


Drove up there and found a shady spot, under a tree to park my car, rolled down the window and leaned the seat to a position where I am comfortable and at the same time I can see the majestic mountain of fluffy white in the horizon and the different shades of the  blue/aquamarine.

Cool breeze blew, gently caressing my cheek and playing with my hair as I sat there engrossed in my book.

My heart began to overflow and then I glanced the watch, ha, it is 11 o’clock….two and a half hours just flew. Blissful and content I drove home.