I Want My Own Tribe!

clan clash 2

photo courtesy clan clash, google page.






“Kick him down, let the  RACE begin”

Clans, Tribes….


Clusters, Colonialism

Countries…. Then clash

Clash between clans…. RACE began!

Class, Labels, are indispensable

Classify and categorize

Cause no problem…if

Cultural evolution…

Go HAND in HAND with

Cerebral Inclination…..

Clan  Clash…….RACES Rage.


Monsters freaked, “ I want my own tribe”

Colors of life

Red ,Amber and green
What does it mean
Pretty, vibrant colors….
It’s life
A cycle

Red _ bright and striking,
Says stop….Relax!
It’s refreshing to know
I have time.😎

Amber_ mystifying..
Bewildered and baffled I am
……pondering speed up or slow down 😙
Then comes the vibrant to my rescue.

Green _.
Speed, go go go….. Race
Hurry up
Be alert….
It also means prosperity and success
As I reach my destination.

Don’t know why I wrote this😃
Just for fun….Maybe…
Amber again…And it goes on…. And on…

Then get addled and muddled
Amber again
…… then stops.

It’s life cycle!


Dresses, gowns and robes
Flashy and flamboyant!

Amidst them…

I saw you
I fell in love
….and the smile on your face and that look told me you were mine!
just mine

“You look gorgeous, that’s made for you,” commented the sales girl.
Nodded an avid shopper in agreement.

You were so lovely,
Meant for me, only me!

I took you off that hanger, saved you from the misery of waiting to be someone’s.
you look good,!
wow!, pretty dress 👗!
nice color!
Every time I spent with you, you made me special.

I spend a fortune on you, a life time ,waiting for you!
And when I thought I had you..

You don’t like me.
I am too fat…
You don’t like my round belly.
You don’t like my shape…
I can’t believe!

Just once or twice we went out together.
I wanted you…. wanted to go out with you….but you are refusing.
never mind…
I have my faithful one here, who always accommodate me.
I did not spend much on her….
Didn’t give her the special treatment…
but I can depend on her….
oh 👗 dress! my 👗 dress!