Blissfully Lost…..

This morning I went to the beach, it wasn’t a detour, was well prepared. Had a book and ice coffee.


Drove up there and found a shady spot, under a tree to park my car, rolled down the window and leaned the seat to a position where I am comfortable and at the same time I can see the majestic mountain of fluffy white in the horizon and the different shades of the  blue/aquamarine.

Cool breeze blew, gently caressing my cheek and playing with my hair as I sat there engrossed in my book.

My heart began to overflow and then I glanced the watch, ha, it is 11 o’clock….two and a half hours just flew. Blissful and content I drove home.


Be Crazy…… Not that crazy

Be crazy! But learn how to be crazy without being the center of attention. Be brave enough to live different.” ― Paulo Coelh.

I love this quote. Exactly what I do. Being crazy doesn’t mean that dance ur hip off, get drunk, be out late in the night, cause destruction, or so.

To me being crazy is to love myself and do everything I enjoy without causing others to worry about me, or be a nuisance to others.

At the end what matters is how much you had enjoyed life and how useful we had been to others and for this the basic is to love yourself.

So every day I do all that I have to do as a wife, mother, friend, sister, and also find some time to do what I enjoy.

I can find joy in simple things.

Little things I love ….


These are the simple things that give me happiness.

The rain drops on the roses and the leaves on a wet morning with a cup of coffee watching the sky change shades as the sun rises

Walking on the beach… lost in my thoughts;

On the beach at sunset…. walking idle and taking pictures.

Cool breeze brushing gently on my cheeks, soft and silky hair blowing on my face;

A good book, a cup of coffee, and solitude on the beach/woods… anywhere out under a shady tree.


Feeding the seagulls, pigeons… and watch them as they swoop down and snatch the feed, wheeling around waiting for you to throw the grain.

Driving miles and miles and the road should never end…. Nor there be anyone to stop interpose the course.  (this is just a dream)

 I find love everywhere , Nature, books, blogs,  … we share because we care.

i wonder if i make sense.


It is long time since I have been here or in fact writing at all. There is always stories in my heart, my mind, head, wherever, it is just the time to jot down, and I am not a writer either, but a happy person, who finds love and happiness everywhere.

I am enjoying my summer break, I love my job for the time off I get during the summer, 2 months of freedom.

This morning I chauffeured my over excited son to the summer camp, a 15minutes drive through the highway. The bright smile of the sun made the sky jealous, so it highlighted its blue, and the fluffy white clouds floated freely. This reminded me of William Wordsworth and his poems.

After dropping my son I took a detour to the beach .

It is beyond words the serenity, the beauty, the love, happiness all that I experienced.

I certainly am in paradise.

The cool breeze blew my hair to tickle my face,

The gangling pine trees swayed,

The fluffy white clouds floated freely,

As the sun smiled dazzlingly in the sky,

Glistening the waters as jewels spilled.

And scattered all over the ocean.

As I drove home,

The shades of the ocean,

The glorious blossoms of poncianas,

The multi colored bougainvilleas,

The lanky pine trees,

The glorious sky, the magnificent sun,

Expanse of the road ahead,

I felt I am in Paradise.


I wonder what William Wordsworth would have written…